Preventive maintenance

We believe in preventive maintenance, which is aimed at catching and fixing problems before they happen. HandyScandy commonly carries out regular inspections, which we do multiple times per year.

When we inspect, we carefully check for all signs of wear, tear or imminent breakdown. We can then replace damaged parts immediately. This prevents having to go into “crisis mode” if something breaks unexpectedly.
We believe the primary benefit of preventive maintenance is that it can eliminate unplanned shutdown time and will ideally catch problems before they occur.
That said, preventive maintenance achieves 12% to 18% cost savings over reactive maintenance.

At HandyScandy we are set up to be the maintenance manager. We provide specialist with our management services for all sizes and scale of projects. We maintain a log of faults, damage and maintenance issues. This enables us to provide a proactive reporting service to keep our clients up to date with the progress of our work.

We also provide the work plan and the staff for each project whether it is an individual project or a scope of work for the year. This allows us to provide the service and manpower specific to our assignments, which may be a series of small individual projects or a combination of a few large tasks.

Whatever the work plan, the achievement of the strategy is dependent upon Handy Scandy as the maintenance manager's with the ability to achieve the cumulative work plan. Namely:

  • Scoping out the work required for each project

  • Estimating material and providing labour with all the ancillary costs

  • Identifying all support requirements (such as equipment, permits and support costs).

As the manager, we perform all scheduling of maintenance work within very tight work windows so as not to interfere with operations or production activities.

At HandyScandy the methods and procedures for each type of job are analysed by our on-site and off-site maintenance leaders in order to ensure economisation without going beyond the point of diminishing returns. We also provide the repairs which require high levels of support from other units within the company set up.

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